Our soaps are made by hand using the cold method, blended with inspiration, with healing oils that are compassionate to the human body. Our soap contains 70-80% natural virgin, cold pressed Ayvalık olive oil. Our olive oil, produced with good agricultural principles, is accompanied by organic certified coconut, shea, cocoa and castor oils. Its magnificent fragrances come completely from nature. We never use synthetic materials, perfumes or colorants in our soaps. The essential oils in its content, which we have blended with us, have aromatherapy properties and heal the soul, body and mind. We do not use palm oil that causes ecological damages, and we do not add materials that are harmful to humans and other living creatures in our soaps. We blend our soaps to heal nature and the human body. Each soap is poured hand and tenderly by Emine in our Atölye Patika kitchen soap shop. If you come to visit the island of Cunda, you can find us on our fragrant street, following the beautiful and natural scents.