Marbling "Goddess" Soap
Marbling "Goddess" Soap
Marbling "Goddess" Soap

Marbling "Goddess" Soap

Each of our soaps is poured in small amounts by hand and cold method. Our soaps containing intense essential (essential) plant oils do not contain any synthetic materials, dyes, pigments or perfumes. The colors, healing and fragrances of our soaps come completely from nature and plants. Our soaps contain organic coconut, shea, cocoa and castor oils as well as our own natural extra virgin cold pressed, Ayvalık olive oil, which we use at a rate of 80%. Apart from this nourishing base oil blend, which does not disturb the oil balance of the skin, our soaps contain essential oils with aromatherapy properties.

The goddess gives our soap its color natural purple and pink clays. These clays contain minerals and help absorb toxins from the body.

Its intense Lavender, Ylang ylang and Geranium essential oil blend is emotionally refreshing, soothing and heart-opening. These oils were used in ancient times to increase the feeling of love and to give people peace.

In addition, Ylang ylang oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial and antidepressant properties and also activates the circulation in the body. Geranium oil is effective against astringent and edema. Lavender is a soothing and relaxing oil.

You can use this soap as hand, body and occasionally facial soap.

It has been cast one by one in thick rectangular molds as a mold and has a natural and pleasant pattern with purple and pink clay in its content.

120 gr