How do I determine my size in Edes?
Use your standard UK/EUR Shoe Size in loafers, slip-ons or comparable leather shoes to determine your Edes Size per the SIZING chart below. Our chart takes into account Edes should fit snug as they will stretch. If you are between sizes, we suggested sizing UP for women and DOWN for men. We offer FREE & EASY exchanges in the event the initial size ordered doesn't fit... we'll make sure you get what you need!

Note: Per the chart below, we suggest ordering Edes one size larger than your Edes.

Men's Sizing
Ede's UK Eur
37 5-5.5 38—39
38 6-6.5 39—40
39 7-7.5 40—41
40 8 41—42
41 9-9.5 42—43
42 10-10.5 43—44
43 11—11.5 44—45
44 12 45—46
45 13 47
46 14 48-49
47 15 49
48 16 50
49 17 51


Women's Sizing
Ede's UK EUR
35 3-3.5 36
36 4-4.5 37
37 5-5.5 38
38 6-6.5 39
39 7-7.5 40
40 8-8.5 41
41 9—9.5 42
42 10—10.5 43
43 11—11.5 44
44 12—12.5 45


What kind of fit is the best fit?
Edes should initially fit snug as they are made entirely of natural leather and will stretch & mold to your feet with wear. Depending on your feet and regularity of use, the stretching process may take a few days or a few weeks.
TOES: Your toes should touch the end of the Edes with some pressure. They should not be curling and you should not be in pain.
HEEL SLIP: Do not be concerned if there is minor slippage in the heel. Edes are leather-lined and will grip your feet as you walk.

Do you make Edes in different widths?
We make Edes in two styles: Men’s and Women’s, each with one standard width. Women’s Edes are narrower than Men’s Edes and are a medium to narrow width. Our Men’s Edes are a medium width. For customers with more narrow feet, the width of the Edes can be adjusted by using an insole. Edes generally can accommodate customers with wider feet because they stretch. In some cases, women with wider feet fit best in the men’s style and vise versa for men with narrower feet.
Do you make half sizes?
No, Edes only come in whole sizes.
If I send you my foot measurements, can you provide me with the perfect fit?
We can certainly align our measurements with your measurements so feel free to email us at for advice.
I can feel the inside stitching of my Edes. Is that normal?
Yes, some customers can feel the insole stitching and may even find it uncomfortable. However, the inside stitching is a simple waxed cotton string and will gradually soften to become unnoticeable in a short time.
My toe touches the end of my Edes, but they do not hurt or curl my toes. Are they too small?
No, Edes should fit between snug and very snug (toes touch the end; even with pressure) as they will stretch. As long as your toes are not curling or in pain, you have the right fit.
How long will it take to break in my Edes?
The time frame for breaking in Edes can range from a week to a month, depending how often the customer wears them. However, Edes should start to open up after a few wears. If customers struggle to break them in, we suggest taking the shoes to a local cobbler, as they can stretch them in exact places. Additionally, it may help to wear your Edes with thick socks to expedite the break-in process. Sweating in your Edes will also help to stretch them out.
Email us at if you are having fit issues.